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     Package & Asset Tracking Systems
Our Package & Asset Tracking Systems (PATS) are at the technological forefront of package and asset tracking systems.

Never lose another package or asset within your company.

Ship items from one site within your company to another.

Choose the system features that fit your needs. Here is a partial list of features that we currently offer:

  • Inbound Package Tracking
  • Outbound Intra-site Package Shipments (DOT-certified as necessary)
  • Asset Tracking: bar code any item and later locate its location
  • Track packages using just a web browser. Anyone in your company can locate their package with no extra software.
  • Set up custom package types: airline tickets, documents, etc.
  • Signature Capture via mobile device: Make the move to a paperless system. Have your employees sign for their package electronically and later view those electronic signatures with ease.
  • Link to your company's telephone and address directory
  • Link to your company's ERP system (SAP, Peoplesoft, Computron, Lawson, JD Edwards, etc.)
  • Email/Instant Message/Telephony Notification of Package Arrival
  • Automatic Carrier Identification, including service levels
  • Carrier Reconciliation: verify that you have received all the packages you've signed for, before the driver leaves your dock or mailroom!
  • RFID integration available
  • Document Management Features
  • Coding for Specialty Packages: hazardous, damaged, etc.
  • Complete unlimited history kept for each package scan
  • Consolidate packages into containers... and from then on scan just the container instead of each and every package. A huge time savings.
  • Comments fields (including ability to locate package by typing in any portion of comment field)
  • Detailed and Summary color reports, complete with pie charts, bar graphs, etc.
  • Ad-hoc report generator

Have a need or system feature that isn't listed here? Contact us by filling out the form below and have the feature added to your specific installation of PATS. We offer you complete customization of every system we produce, based on your specific needs.

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Package & Asset Tracking
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