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Our Document Management Systems are your tool to electronically store any and all documents that are important to you or your company.

Scan your documents, or even select existing documents of any type already on your network (Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, reports, etc.) and store them in DMS.

Later locate them in a split second via any number of search fields, including free-flowing comments that you've typed about the documents.

Avoid trips to the file cabinet and long times spent locating the exact document you need!

Choose the system features that fit your needs. Here is a partial list of features that we currently offer:

  • Track location of documents.
  • Print and apply a unique bar coded label to each document.
  • Allow anyone in your company to access documents you specify, using just their web browser.
  • Set up custom document types: invoices, mechanical drawings, etc.
  • Link each document to specific person or persons in your company's telephone and address directory
  • Link each document to your company's ERP system (SAP, MCP, Computron, etc.)
  • Email/Instant Message/Telephony Notification of Document storage in the system
  • Complete unlimited history kept for each document.
  • Consolidate documents into containers... then when you move the documents scan just the container instead of each and every document
  • Comments fields (including ability to locate document by typing in any portion of comment field)
  • Detailed and Summary color reports, complete with pie charts, bar graphs, etc.
  • Ad-hoc report generator

Have a need or system feature that isn't listed here? Contact us and have the feature added to your specific installation of DMS. We offer you complete customization of every system we produce, based on your specific needs.



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